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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Book staircases!

I lost the link where I found this but doesn't it look like fun?

"Stairs Bookshelves: What started as a space-saving strategy turned into a centerpiece of this interior redesign. The experience: complete book-overload as the London owners make their way to the loft bedroom above the main floor of their condo. Shot from virtually any perspective the result is remarkably attractive and a good reminder that a lack of space can be a great design opportunity."

(Other angles)
More clever book ideas here!


  1. They would be perfect in my dream home! Yup, the home that is only in my dreams... LOL

  2. It would take me forever to get upstairs because I would be too busy reading all the titles on the way up.

  3. I want stairs in my house so I can make book stairs!

  4. I can't imagine trying to paint those stairs! I hope you can paint the covers and then attach them because that would be so painful to do each one on the staircase. It makes my back hurt just thinking about it!

  5. Hi Debbie,

    I love the first image of the book staircase, no good for me though, as I live on one floor in a bungalow.

    The second image is obviously a fantastic use of space and I could certainly find enough books to fill all those shelves, however looking at the image is giving me vertigo and making me feel a little ill.

    Thanks for sharing these novel ideas.



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