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Friday, March 1, 2013

Review: Getting Over Mr. Right by Chrissie Manby



Have you ever had your heart broken? How did you get over it? If a pint of ice cream cheered you up and you were able to delete his number and start again then . . .
You’re a weirdo and this book is not for you.
But if you reacted with denial, begging, or a spot of casual witchcraft, then you’ve come to the right place. This is one woman’s journey from love to lunacy and back again. If you ever recall past heartbreaks with acute embarrassment and an urge to go into hiding, this will make you feel better. Sure, you may have sent his new girlfriend a bunch of dead roses, but did you spend a grand on psychic hot-lines and a voodoo curse?

This was a fun book with plenty of humor. Most people have been dumped at some point in their lives and can identify with what Ashleigh is going through. How awful to find out on Facebook that your two year romance is over! What a schmuck! The story is well written and easy to read. The characters are interesting but eventually grow annoying. At first I was sympathetic to Ashleigh's pain, as were her family and friends. As time went by and she became obsessed with Michael, her lost love, I wanted her to snap out of it. I realize that was the intent and her downward spiral did provide some comedy and entertaining moments but for me it lasted too long. I did like the later progression and the satisfying ending.

All in all it was worth the read and I do look forward to more from this author.  

Thank you to LibraryThing Early Reviewers for a copy of this book to review.

Release date: 7/10/12
Publisher: Bantom
Pages: 304 paperback
Type: Womens fiction, contemporary romance


  1. Relationships have sure changed since I was dating. I can't imagine dumping someone on Facebook. This sounds fun!

  2. I've heard of this dumping on FB. I also heard of divorce on a sms!

  3. Getting dumped on Facebooks isn't one that I haven't seen. I'm not sure if that's worse than a 'Dear John' post-it note or not!


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