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Monday, September 23, 2013

Close Ups answer #13

During this first Autumn weekend I was lucky enough to celebrate my 27th anniversary with Hubby and friends, attend a lovely wedding and also have some fun time babysitting my grandson Monkey Boy. I hope your weekend was enjoyable as well!

So did you guess what this was?

Answer: It's a lei! This was from the high school graduation party in July for my beautiful niece. Here she is posing with one of their boxer dogs. Aren't they both gorgeous girls?

A point goes to:
Jane Hanbury
Lenore Webb


  1. I love the photo of your niece and her dog!

  2. Nice to get something right :D A lovely pic indeed! they both wear them well :)

  3. LOL! I love that photo with your niece and the boxer wearing leis. Too cute.


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