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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So, I was just wondering…

woman wondering

As you probably already know (since I mention it every chance I get) I LOVE my hammock. My hubby built the frame several years ago and has replaced the hammocks twice. It’s a favorite place to read and relax and I use it every chance I get. Unfortunately, the bugs aren’t cooperating with my plans to lounge as much as possible lately and they are feasting on me and my family, even the dogs. F-ing bugs. They won’t keep me from my haven though!

Since my hammock is right in my backyard I don’t need much, just my book and sometimes my pillow. And sunshine, I love sunshine. A drink is a nice bonus but the book is my only requirement.  I recently stayed at my brother’s house to watch his pets for the weekend and that was a reader’s retreat. They have a pool, a pond, an enclosed porch with comfy furniture, a whirlpool tub and big screen TVs for the times I needed a break from reading (ha!). I’ve done that twice for them and it was more of a gift to me than it was a favor to them.  Last year my mother found  a small cottage for the extended family to rent at a nearby lake and that was heaven. I got to read on the dock, the porch, in front of the picture window and yes – even in a hammock. I even made time to go out in the row boat and spend time with family, although it doesn’t sound like it does it? I hope we get to do that again and again.  I haven’t been to the ocean in many, many years but the beach is a wonderful place to read as well. I remember spreading out my towel, unloading a pile of paperbacks and I was happy for hours. I have a cozy family room and fireplace to use for my reading retreat in the long winter months but these are my happy places to escape to in the warm weather. 

So I was just wondering, when you head to the beach, the lake, a cabin in the woods, the park or wherever your special place is, what do you like to take with you? What do you toss into your bag? Do you load up on supplies or is a book enough to make you happy? We all know if we’re packing for our families the supply list is endless – toys, snacks, sun block, wipes, towels, extra clothes… but what do you need for you? Where is your warm weather happy place and what do you take with you? 


  1. We have a campsite on the river during the summer months and that is my retreat. It's only 30 min from home and yet it feels so far away. All our stuff stays there so we only need to bring our clothes and food, which makes camping that much better.

    I always have a book with me when we go and I like to have snacks, drink and a comfy spot when I read up there. Sometimes it's in our tent trailer, other times the river or by the fire is good also.

  2. We have a lake lot that's nice to spend time at but for some reason Buddy has always hated it out there so it's not always a relaxing time. However all I need is books, my dog, and snackies and I'm happy.

    Your hammock certainly sounds like a nice place to relax and read. I have a swing out back and I arrange all the cushions on it and get all comfy.

  3. Ah, yes, your hammock. I think my husband hates your hammock and he doesn't even know about it! Everytime you talk about it I get jealous and whine about getting one. This summer he may get a break, because anytime soon I will start to have trouble getting in and out of it!

  4. I have a hammock too! Pillow and beverage are a must as is the sunshine.and blanket - mine is under two 130 yr old maples in the shade 1/2 the day. I like reading fluff at the beach, where a little sand won't bother the book.

  5. I spend a lot of time reading on my lanai especially during the summer. We have almost daily thunderstorms so we shut the computers down and go out and read by the pool. I try to get a dip in when it sounds like the thunder has stopped. (for a while anyway.) It seems yesterday we had the computers off half the day.

  6. Your reading spots sound heavenly! Just for me, I need my book, sunglasses, and something to drink. I'm so pale, I usually need sunscreen too. It's hard to read when your skin is blistered!

    I got a hammock last year and I love it. Unfortunately, the bugs love me more than I love the hammock, so I haven't been in it as much as I would like. Truly, they gnoshed on my through my clothes last year!

  7. For me, my book and a drink...a pillow on the chair where I prop my feet...sunshine is good but rainy days don't dampen reading one bit!



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