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Saturday, December 31, 2011

You know it's not good news when... hear the x-ray technician say 'Oh, that's gonna need work." That's what we were told when my oldest son had to go to the ER after a fall on the ice. He had just arrived at work Tuesday morning, was crossing the parking lot and slipped on a small puddle of ice. The temperature has been so mild here for December that it was probably the first day we even had ice! Since it was a small puddle his foot slipped and then hit the edge of the dirt and stopped instantly. Having no where else to go, his ankle turned under and he folded to the ground. He had a broken fibula (smaller leg bone) so a fiberglass splint was put on in the ER, he was given crutches, pain pills and instructions for calling an orthopedist.

Later than afternoon an orthopedist called us after noticing the x-rays at the hospital. He told us there was  more damage than we knew about and my son needed to have surgery to repair it. The ligaments were torn on both sides of his ankle and that's why there was no support. (Thus, the flop to one side.) So we made the arrangements and he had surgery first thing Thursday morning, spent the day in the hospital and was able to go home after dinner. He's been in a lot of pain and it's hard to get comfortable but the surgery went well and the doctor said that because he's young he has a good chance of healing completely.

So that was our excitement this week. Christmas day was very nice and kind of quiet but it was wonderful to have little children here again. I'd almost forgotten how fun the season is when you have kids around! They are truly a blessing. I hope your Christmas was also filled with many blessings and you will have the happiest New Year.
My favorite gift this year!


  1. What a terrible time for a horrible injury. I hope your son recovers fast and well :)
    Glad that your Christmas was merry and hope your New Year will be too!

  2. Ouch! I'm sure he'll have a complete recovery! We need some little ones in our family! Your gift is adorable!!

  3. Hoping your son's ankle and leg heal fast! Love the baby picture! Happy New Year!

  4. Ooh, Debbie, your grandson is too cute for words! Sorry to hear about your son's ankle - not something he needed to have happen at all. I hope all heals well.

  5. I hope your son recovers quickly! I think you have the best Christmas present of all there! What an adorable baby!

  6. I hope that your son recovers quickly and fully! Happy 2012 to you :)

  7. Thank you everyone! My son is feeling a little better every day and even got out of the house yesterday. I have to agree that my grandson is quite adorable. :)

    Happy New Year to all!!


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