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Monday, September 17, 2012

Review: Horten's Incredible Illusions by Lissa Evans

Magic, mystery and a 
very strange adventure

This magical follow-up to Horten's Miraculous Mechanisms continues Stuart's amazing adventures--with more enchantment, more surprises, and more thrills. When we last left 10-year-old Stuart, he had just recovered his great-uncle Tony's long-lost magic workshop. Now all the priceless tricks are on display in the Beeton Museum--and Stuart is junior curator of the exhibit! But another mystery awaits Stuart: Where did the great magician hide his will? Only by entering the magic world of the workshop can he find the answer. But as the mechanisms whisk him off on increasingly incredible adventures, the puzzles become harder and harder to solve…and the stakes higher. With even more page-turning action, this second book in the exciting middle-grade series does a magic trick of its own: it's even better than the first!
This sequel was another delightful journey into the magical world of Stuart Horten. I was so impressed with the first book and was thrilled to see the creativity continued here. In Stuart's previous adventure he was able to discover the location of his late uncle's magic tricks but now he is trying to uncover how they work and where the will is hidden. His neighbor and friend, April, is again his loyal sidekick. And he is lucky to have her because he cannot solve these mysteries alone. The puzzles are complicated and dangerous. Stuart has more to learn but more to lose. 

As Stuart becomes more acquainted with his new home the reader also discovers more about his new surroundings. All of the characters are quirky and interesting. Stuart's parents are a bit odd but loving. The triplets are very odd but much more likeable and involved in this book. And of course, every adventure needs a villian! This one has a few and they keep our heroes on their toes. The mysterious magic tricks are another character all by themselves. With names like the Cabinet of Blood, the Reappearing Rose Bower and the Book of Peril the reader knows that Stuart and friends have a rough journey ahead. 

Filled with action, intrigue and more danger than the first book, this story is sure to challenge the mind of young readers and provide entertainment for all ages. I truly hope this charming series continues! 

Available at:
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Release date: 9/4/12
Publisher: Sterling Children's Books
Pages: 352 (hardcover)
Type: middle grade fiction

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  1. I loved the first book too. I didn't realize this one was out already.


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