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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New book - My Princess Boy

I saw this family on TV recently and instantly adored them. The parents and older brother are so supportive of a little boy who just wants to be himself. Their book just came out and I haven't read it yet but I had to share it here with all of you.

My Princess Boy is a nonfiction picture book about acceptance. With words and illustrations even the youngest of children can understand, My Princess Boy tells the tale of a 4-year-old boy who happily expresses his authentic self by wearing dresses and enjoying "traditional girl" things like jewelry, sparkles or anything pink. The book is told from a mother's point of view, sharing both positive and negative experiences the Princess Boy has with family, friends, classmates and even total strangers.

My Princess Boy is designed to open a dialogue about embracing uniqueness, and teaches children -- and adults -- how to accept those who cross traditional gender lines when it comes to clothing and self-expression. The book ends with the understanding that 'my' Princess Boy is really 'our' Princess Boy, and as a community, we need to accept and support young children for who they are and how they wish to look.

From Simon & Schuster


  1. This sounds really different and I can see why you fell in love with the family. Shakespeare had it right hundreds of years ago when he said "To thine own self be true". Have a good week Tootsie. We're back to normal routine here. I'll e you when I get through some catching up.

  2. I saw this mentioned on the show "What Would You Do?" and thought what a wonderful book. I'm glad there is starting to be a little mre understanding for those kids that don't quite fit the defintion of what "normal" should be.


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