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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Review: Jasper John Dooley: Star of the Week by Caroline Adderson


 Jasper, the Star!

At last, it's Jasper John Dooley's turn to be Star of the Week at school. Unfortunately, nothing turns out as planned. His Show and Tell falls flat. A new baby at his friend Ori's house steals his spotlight. And worst of all, the new baby has only-child Jasper wondering if his own family is too small. When Jasper decides to build himself a brother (named Earl) out of wood, Earl's schoolyard shenanigans send Jasper to the principal's office But with a little help from family and friends, things turn around for Jasper. And by the time Friday arrives, he is once again sure that he has what it takes to be a star. Jasper John Dooley: Star of the Week is the first in a series of chapter books featuring a charismatic and funny central character. An only child with active, loving parents (and a most impressive lint collection), Jasper John Dooley is a true original.
Wouldn't we all love to be Star of the Week?  Unfortunately for Jasper, he isn't getting the attention he expected and his week is going down hill fast. He desperately searches for ways to regain the focus of his classmates but nothing is working. Not even the idea of getting a new brother. And Jasper only has one week!

 The idea for the story was cute and I sympathized with Jasper although I think I felt worse for his sleep-deprived friend Orin. This book should be entertaining to kids who can relate to Jasper's frustration. His antics were humorous and the adorable black and white illustrations by Ben Clanton make it even more appealing. The other characters added to the quirkiness and enforced the importance of support of friends and family.  I look forward to reading more from this new series and other work for author Caroline Adderson.

Thank you to NetGalley for an arc (ebook) to review.


Release date: 3/1/12
Publisher: Kids Can Press
Pages: 128 (hardcover)
Type: children's fiction, middle grade

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