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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Storms and stuff

It was a busy week of just "stuff" - doctor appointment, babysitting the grandkids, working on Halloween costumes (we made a Raggedy Anne wig), and being annoyed by a head cold that we are all sharing. We also had two days of gorgeous weather with temperatures near 80 but I feel like I wasted them. I should have been outside every second that was possible, enjoying the weather and putting away lawn furniture but I wasn't. I got a few things done but not enough.

Now we have this nasty storm heading for the east coast. We know how to handle blizzards but we don't experience much hurricane weather in western NY state. We are trying to stock up on supplies and prepare just in case we lose power for a while. Hopefully it won't be too bad and we can celebrate Halloween with lots of trick or treating. For those of you in harm's way, stay safe and take care. I'll be saying my prayers this week that Sandy fizzles out in the ocean and leaves us all alone!
My granddaughter picked out tiny pumpkins and arranged them together on the porch
My poor grandson was "forced" to try on a Halloween wig!


  1. I hope the storm doesn't cause you any problems. It doesn't look like the wig bothered your grandson at all.

  2. He's so adorable, Debbie! He looks like he's having fun. Stay safe, kiddo!

  3. Hope you all are safe! We're all the way in Cleveland and they've postponed Halloween to the weekend.


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