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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I Like You By Amy Sedaris

I love this book! It reminds me of every cookbook and craft book I looked at as a kid. Amy Sedaris is the author and a comedian who is quirky, perky and cute. I've seen her on television talk shows and she has an unusual sense of humor that is very apparent in her book. She uses real recipes and craft projects and adds her own twist. Her hospitality advice is very real too. What makes this so funny is that it's straight out of 1968 (approximately, I was only 4 then so my time frame may be a little off). Every last detail has been included in the photos and drawings on each page. There are several pages of a step-by-step pantyhose demonstration performed by Amy herself. How to put them on, how to untwist them as you're putting them on, crafts you can do with all of the pantyhose you snag and ruin while putting them on and recipes for cocktails to drink after the whole unsuccessful process. Remember the styrofoam wig heads? In the book. The grease can, labeled as such, that often sat on the counter or back of the stove and contained leftover grease from cooking to be used for another meal? In there. Rick rack on sewing projects? In there. Macrame plant hangers? In there.

My grandparents had the very same dishes and glassware found on several of the pages. They also had the wallpaper, glass candy dish, teakettle, pie plates and Tupperware containers. They still have the plastic, floral letter holder hanging on their wall. (pg 196 if interested) I remember my mom having some of these poofy hairdos and polyester clothes. Of course she was beautiful but everything else...ick.

I took this book to our family Thanksgiving dinner. We had such a good time going through the different chapters and found new things every time we looked at it. Bravo to the team that helped put this book together. Ebay should be calling you for the collection of goodies you have there.

Special thanks to Booking Mama and Hatchette Books where I won this copy. Photo from Library Thing.


  1. Sounds like a neat book. Even better that you and your family were able to enjoy it together!

    Diary of an Eccentric

  2. Hey Wrighty! I reviewed this one today too! I enjoyed it as much as you did. It was so quirky and fun ( and the recipes were good too!)

  3. Sounds like a fun read :-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering. Your sidebar has some great giveaway links!


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