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Thursday, November 3, 2011

So I was just wondering...

I haven't posted this feature in a long, long time. I always enjoyed doing it so I thought I would give it a go again. I don't always come up with the greatest topics but I love hearing from all of you!

Lately I've been wondering about reviews - writing and reading them. I seem to struggle when I'm trying to put one together for a book I've read. I want to voice my honest opinion but put my personal touch to it as well. I seem to muddle through and I'm definitely not a writer but I hope it's doing somebody, somewhere some good.

I always read the synopsis on the back or inside cover of the book but I didn't always read the reviews unless it was something I happened to come across. I didn't seek them out very often. But once I started doing online book clubs and then blogging that all changed for me. First of all I realized how much work goes into writing a review. (At least for me it does!) And then as I started getting involved in regular discussions and communities about books I started to form relationships with other readers, bloggers, writers, publishers, etc. Along with this came trust and respect for their opinions regarding books. That sounds corny but what I mean is, I know I can visit your blogs and rely on your reviews and the information you've provided to help me make my own decisions. I know we don't all like the same things or feel the same way but if I follow you I usually know what to expect from you and I appreciate what you have to say.

Now I do seek out reviews and I do try to post my own thoughts in a few places after I finish a book. I would like to thank you all for your hard work and let you know that it does make a difference. In fact, my wish list has grown exponentially because of all of you! I will never, ever be able to read them all. But I will happily give it a try.

So I was just wondering, how much do you rely on reviews when you are deciding what book to read? Does it honestly matter to you what others think or would you rather not know ahead of time? Please share your thoughts!


  1. When I read book reviews on blogs, and the review makes a book really stand out, then I star that review in my reader so I don't forget about the book. I will at some point purchase that book or check it out from the library.

    When I go into bookstores or libraries, I will bring home one or two books that I heard about online, and I will bring home one or two books that just happen to catch my eye that day.

    I do not go out searching for book reviews on a book that I've been pondering about purchasing. Sometimes that's half the fun-- discovering a book you've never heard of before!

    - Jackie

  2. Book reviews--good and bad--stir my interest in books. I like to read the reviews (more for content) but ultimately I decide based on preference, my mood, the book cover, the synopsis and the reviews if I want to purchase or borrow the book.


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