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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day!

I don't consider myself a political person by any means but I do care about, appreciate and love my country more all the time. When I was younger I never experienced a war or depression like my parents and grandparents had. I didn't pay much attention to government and politics and I didn't always vote. I was blissfully ignorant and didn't really realize just how lucky I was. After September 11, 2001, that changed dramatically. I had young children and remembered the fear that morning, wondering what was happening in my state and country. I felt scared and helpless. I didn't even know if I should go get my kids from school. I was glued to my TV and telephone. I was shocked that an attack like that could happen here.

Since that time I've learned a lot. I still don't care for politics or discuss them much but I do try to pay attention so I can (try to) understand the issues and make (better) informed decisions. My three sons are still young but this year are all old enough to vote. I've stayed neutral and just encouraged them to go vote but I'm afraid only one of them will. They are all employed, hard working young men but they are frustrated like so many people. I've always been a "glass is half full" kind of girl so I reminded them to count their many blessings and make a difference. Don't bitch about it if you're not going to do something about it.

Whatever happens today, I hope our country can come together, choose a good and effective leader, and work to improve our future. It takes time, focus, hard work, cooperation, compassion and sacrifice, but I know we can. I know we will. We do it all the time. I have children and grandchildren and I want them to have a chance to be blissful like I was, but not as ignorant.

And hallelujah, no more political ads! At least for a few weeks - until it's time to start campaigning for the next election. Ugh.


  1. The politicians pretty much ignored us, but I went out and did my civic duty today.

  2. I voted. I never miss a chance.

  3. I am so adamant about voting I harrass all those I know and love. I TRY not to be too annoying about who to vote for, but this year I was very happy to turn my vote in to 3 more for the senator of my choice. My family does love me! As for president I left that one alone. I think one has proven to be adequate and the other was a poor choice. Neither one was I going to go out of my way to put my voice behind. To me, it's more important to vote than to agree on who to vote for.


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