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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Autumn in New York

Oh the colors...

A few weeks ago I realized that we had lost most of our leaves from the trees in our yard. Already! As you can see in the view from my front porch, most of them were now ground cover. We live in rural western NY state and have over 50 acres of land. I often like to take two of our dogs, the Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever, for walks on the hill. I decided that day to grab my camera and take some photos before it was too late for 2008. I'm so glad I did because that was the last week of leaves for our area. Although there are plenty of places that still have their beautiful colors, everything here has turned a drab and bare brown. We've even had a bit of snow! These photos aren't anything fancy, this camera isn't the best or most current model out there, but I love to take pictures and these are already special. Nature and my home. What could be better? I suppose I'll have to trudge out into the snow with my camera in the coming months to remind myself that the winter is just as beautiful. Although is it much colder. Maybe there will just be a few shots from the front porch again. Until summer.


  1. Oh, those pictures are beautiful! The foliage is the thing I miss the most about moving from New England to Florida where there is no fall colorful foliage at at, ever! Good job, Wrighty.

  2. Yes, beautiful...I could never live someplace without seasons.

  3. The pics are beautiful. So peaceful and tranquil. You are so lucky. Great blog.

  4. Thanks, I love the seasons too. I just wish winter was a little shorter. Thanks for everyone's help with starting a blog. Lucky for me you've all provided great examples to follow!


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