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Monday, November 17, 2008

Creepers by Joanne Dahme

Creepers"The first thing I noticed was the ivy, not the sun-bleached tombstones with their off white color, which jutted from the cemetery grounds like old white bones. The ivy veins were everywhere - creeping in all directions across the grass and the winding gravel paths to rest on the long-ago-collapsed mounds settled beneath the shadows of the tombstones."
(book cover)

What first drew my attention to this book was the striking cover. In several shades of green, it's covered in embossed ivy leaves and the statue of young woman. The inside of the book is just as attractive with the pages edged in soft green and each chapter beginning with an interesting article or letter from the past.

Courtney tells how she and her parents move to a new home one summer in Murmur, Massachusetts. The first thing they noticed when they saw their large stone house built in the 1700's was the English ivy that clung to it. A bit creepy since it was also next to a very old Puritan cemetery. Courtney soon meets a man and his daughter who give historical tours in the cemetery. They supply many details about the surrounding area and the history behind the traditions and the carvings of the tombstones. The duo is also able to tell her about her house and how it was built on the foundation of the original which burned during a tragic fire. Now the house is suppose to be haunted with a family that needs to be reunited. Although she finds the story hard to believe she is constantly finding more indications that there may be some truth to it all and she knows the ivy is connected. Somehow. The man and his daughter have become her friends and they are on a quest to right the wrongs of the past. But that's no easy feat and what should be done?

Although this is written for young adults it is an interesting story for any age. The mysteries involved are not as detailed or as resolved as many adults may like though. It does have a simple flavor as more traditional ghost stories often do.

My thanks to Running Press Teens for providing me with an autographed copy of this book.


  1. This sounds like another interesting read. I loved your review. Maybe this one has to go in the TBR list?!

  2. I am coveting this book, I tell ya. Thank you for describing the actual pages within the book itself -- I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff!

    I'm so glad you stopped by to say 'hello' I'm busy nosing around your blog and loving every minute of it. ;)


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