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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Stone Creek by Victoria Lustbader

Stone CreekThis is a touching yet sad love story. Danny was only married to the love of his life for six years when she died and left him alone with their young son Caleb. His grief is so overwhelming he can barely take care of himself but he has a little boy depending on him. He forces himself to go through the motions in his workshop where he is an artist and a master carpenter. He dreads the contact he has with his in-laws who never thought he was good enough for their daughter and now don't think he's good enough for their grandson. Since he is a good father he maintains a relationship so his son will still have his grandparents in his life but it's a struggle.

Lily is married to Paul who loves his wife but is married to his work and ambitions first. His days and most of his nights belong to Wall Street. Lily had been content but is now lonely and longs for a child although she reluctantly agreed to go without. There have been changes in their marriage but it's easier to ignore them than to acknowledge them. One summer day she decides to go early to their summer home outside of the city to prepare for a holiday and guests.

It is during this time that Danny and Lily first meet and the attraction is undeniable. They are strangers that never speak but they each notice the other. In a short time they meet again and are formally introduced and feel a kinship. They develop a friendship and desire more but she is older and married and that is all that is feasible. Except the need to help rid Caleb of his sadness draws her closer. Lily is desperate to be a mother and that's exactly what this boy needs. Now there is a delicate balance. Decisions must be made and paths will be chosen. They are all wounded and find happiness together. Now that they have lifted some of their pain they can not go back to the lives they were living.

I expected this book to be good but I thought it may be a typical story of sad and lonely people who come together and live happily ever after. It was so much more than that. There were characters that I wanted to hate but it wasn't that simple when their motives were revealed. I was anxious to read more and discover the secrets of their pasts but I also hated to turn the last page. I enjoyed this story and look forward to reading more from this author.

My thanks to Harper and Shelfari for providing me with this book.


  1. I had heard of this book before, but I wasn't sure if it would be a good match for my reading tastes. After reading your review, I think I'll put it back on my list. It sounds a little haunting but very interesting.

    Oh, and tag!

  2. You won The House on Tradd Street. Here is the post.

  3. I just had a quick message for you~~ Your a winner over at Ruthies Book Reviews !

    Hi there~~

    I hadn't heard from you after I announced the winners of 'Is It Me or Is Everything Shit?' books. So I decided that I didn't want you to lose out on this. Just shoot me an email at Ruthiesbookreviews AT yahoo DOT com with your mailing addy so I can forward it over to Hachette so they can send out your book right away.

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