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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So, I was just wondering…

woman wondering

I always have a book with me. Of course I have them scattered all throughout my house but I also keep a Reader’s Digest or two in my car in case I’m ever stranded without reading material. Forget the jumper cables and spare tire, I need to read! Whatever book I’m currently perusing travels with me everywhere I go. I take it with me to my room because I read every night before I go to sleep. I bring it downstairs with me every morning. I read while I’m eating my cereal and hopefully with the half a cup of coffee that may or may not be left in the pot. I need to use my heating pad first thing in the morning for my back and other aching parts so my book comes to the couch with me. Whenever I leave the house it leaves too. If we are traveling after dark I take my book bag and book light so I can read in the car (while hubby is driving of course). I’ve had to take my son to doctor appointments lately for an injured knee and I’ve been reading my book in the waiting rooms. I had my own  appointment last week that was two hours away. So that was four hours in the car and two hours in the waiting room. I got a lot of reading done that day! When spring finally arrives sometime in July (I’m kidding of course, it’s more like June around here) the sacred hammock will come out of storage and my book will always be with me when I’m lounging there. Ah, the joy!

Like I said, I take a book with me everywhere. I don’t seem to be getting much reading accomplished lately though. Now that I think about it, as much as I carry around my books I should be zipping through my TBR pile. Maybe I’m actually carrying them more than I’m reading them. Hmmm…

So I was just wondering, how do you get your reading done? Do you have a system and read at the same time of day or night or do you just read when you get the chance? Do you have a different routine for the books you are going to review or is it all the same? How long does it usually take you to finish a book? I hope you are enjoying some good quality reading time this winter! Enjoy!


  1. I read at lunch. But when I'm really sucked in I can't put it down. Yesterday I was literally reading my book at stop lights. Not safe but I couldn't rip my self away.

  2. I wish I could say I was getting some serious reading done. I'm lucky to finish one book these weeks not counting audiobooks. I usually read when the mood strikes me. I always carry a book of some sort with me if not a hand copy then I have an audiobook going on my ipod.

  3. I have the standard bathroom book (great place to hide from the kids) and an audiobook in the car. I try to read for at least one chunk of time either at nap time or bedtime each day. If I'm in the middle of a slow moving book, I'll read a chapter, set it aside and start something shorter or easier to read. It works for me. I read 4-5 books a week on average.

    My TBR isn't shrinking either, but I can't seem to help myself from getting library books, buying books and entering giveaways. Add that to the books I received for review and the number keeps climbing.

  4. I get most of my reading done in the afternoons and evenings. I like to go to bed before my husband and read for a while. He hasn't felt good the last couple of days, so he's gone to bed before me and messed up my reading time!

  5. You always come up with great discussion pieces, Debbie.

    If I have appointments I always bring a book because you just never know how long you will be sitting there.

    When i pick up my son at school on Fridays I always bring my book and leave about 20 minutes before he gets out of school so that I can read.

    Usually my reading is done at bed time but if I am sick I will read throughout the day or if I come back from the dentist I will spend the afternoon reading (like I will do today after the dentist LOL)

    For as much reading as I do I always wonder why the TBR piles aren't going down, which leads me to think that the books multiple at night. LOL

  6. Debbie, as I was reading your post I kept thinking to myself you were writing about me. lol.

    I too have to sit with the heat in the morning for a while just to get mobile due to arthritis so I'll either blog or read. I read when I'm eating and I always take my book with me wherever I go.

    I usually carry around the house the one book I'm reading at the time but I have 3 or 4 that I keep sitting beside me.

    I think I get my best reading done at night when I cozy up in bed in the evening with the dog. He's finally sleeping and I can read without being interrupted.

    Unfortunately for me my TBR piles are not going down. I usually put review piles first, especially ones for tours, etc. What I'd love to do is tackle my own books.

    One day perhaps...

  7. I work 4 to midnight in a hospital and it's either crazy and we can't take breaks or it's very calm and I can read 100+pages an evening.

    Most of the time I read at work and spead my time at home doing other stuff like blogging, watching TV shows, Web Design etc.

    When a book is crazy good I also read at home though lol
    When I'm in the beat and the book is great I read it in 2 days, I will read an average book in about a week, and If I'm really not into it can take up to a month (it happened twice before hehe).

  8. Yes, my book seems to receive more attention from my bag then me lol.

    I read whenever I can. Usually the most reading gets done if I stay up late into the night.

    Love all your question topics :)

  9. Like you I take my book everywhere with me. I read at commercials, while pages on dial up internet are loading, eating lunch by myself, during the 5 minutes of passing time at my job in a school, waiting time for anything. I read all of the time!!!

  10. My reading habits are somewhat like yours. I take my book to bed with me since I must read before sleeping (in fact, I have about five books (short stories) at the bedside so I can read one story a night in addition to my regular read. In the morning, I read while eating breakfast, take my book to my daily Tim Hortons for coffee and am lucky to actually read since I always know somebody at the coffee shop. I take my book on the train if I go to Montreal for the day. I always have a book with me.

  11. I'm like you, I bring my book everywhere and if I forget, I'll turn back and grab it.

    I work the 3rd shift so I can read at work. I also HAVE to read to fall asleep in the morning. It gets me tired and relaxes me, helps me unwind. I'll read in the car waiting to pick up the kids from school. Love the dentist appts with the kids ortho, lots of reading in the waiting room. I read everywhere and anywhere. I love book lights. I keep one in my pocketbook at all times and have 2 in my bedroom. I give them as gifts and each of my kids have one. I even have this lap desk from B&N that has a light attached and I take that on the deck in the nice weather when I read out there. I love reading on the deck when it's late at night.

  12. I have a crazy schedule but I read whenever I get the chance, while waiting for my kids to come out of school, while eating breakfast, sometimes in the afternoons if I've had a hectic morning and need to chill, and at bedtime. And I also carry something to read whenever I leave the house. I actually feel naked without a book!

    Debbie, I have an award for you here:

    You've got a great blog!

  13. Being retired means lots of reading time for moi! The Big Guy (aka hubby) learned to cook years ago so that gives me even more time to read. Generally several hours in the afternoon and several hours again before bedtime. I'm not much of a tv watcher, I'd really rather read. Great topic, Debbie!

  14. I have a book with me ALWAYS! That is one of the things I love about my ereader is I can have a library with me always- you know for those times when I might be kidnapped for days and want to get some good reading done while waiting for the ransom to be paid. I like to be prepared. I bring 2-3 books up to bed with me, that's where I get my best reading done. I have books that I keep just by the bed.
    I also try to read on my lunch break at work. I will and can read anywhere!

  15. Talk of your hammock is making me crave Spring!
    I mostly always have a book with me and I really hate it when I find myself someplace that I need one!

  16. I always have a book with me and read whenever I have time. I read in the morning while blow drying my hair, with my morning coffee, and usually evenings as my hubby goes to bed early and I stay up and read.


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