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"WOO HOO, what a ride!"

Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Fill-Ins


a heart

1. I know everything according to my children when they were younger, and nothing according to my children now.
2. Every month in winter is the longest month.
3. You can't help but love puppies, warm cinnamon rolls and new shoes. Did I mention chocolate?
4. I'm ready for you giant laundry pile; bring it on!
5. Where have you looked for your missing geometry book, baseball uniform, six page report, lunch money and homemade cupcakes that you have to have for school this morning?
6. Valentine's Day candy is now available. Probably Easter candy is too.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching my nephew's college hockey game, tomorrow my plans include laundry and reading and Sunday, I want to watch the commercial during the Super Bowl!


  1. Wow, you sure have it in for laundry, lol.
    Thanks for your contribution, it's fun.
    Mine's here.

  2. That laundry thing gave me a good laugh! :)

    thanks for the visit!

  3. You are right there sister, laundry's bring it on...hahahha. make my Friday happy. Join me too and see you there, first time to join this group.

  4. Hahaha.. what a hilarious but 'cool' answer for no. 1!!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. I love number one. My little guy is almost two. I have a lot of don't know yet. Nice Fill-in.

  6. Just the commercials? ha ha

    laundry is one of those never ending chores. With three sons, you must have a mountain of it.

    Have fun!

  7. Happy Friday!

    I have an award for you!

  8. I haven't done my FFI's yet, and not sure I'm doing them this week... I've got so much to do here.

    I have a giant pile of laundry to attack, too, but I'm not nearly as brave as you are. I'm not saying "bring it on!" to mine.

    MMmmm... chocolate, yes... I had a domino's lava crunch cake left over from last night for breakfast this monring :-D

  9. Saturday seems to be market and laundry day for most. I'll be going to the market sometime this weekend. I do laundry on Mondays typically. Less stress. I'm here alone! =)

  10. I'm not quite ready for that large laundry pile. Have a great weekend :)

  11. Which reminds me, I've got laundry too.
    That way I can be styling to watch those Super Bowl commercials.

  12. I'm glad Valentine's candy only comes around once a year. I'm absolutely addicted to a few things that are around this time of year.

    I tend to overbuy... obvs. :)

  13. Lol, loved your answers! #1 especially gave me a chuckle! Your house sounds like mine - always looking for SOMETHING! Have a great wkend! You can ck out my answers if you like, here:


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