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Monday, June 21, 2010

Review: A Field Guide to Aliens by Johan Olander

Intergalactic Worrywarts,
Bubblonauts Silver-Slurpers,
and other Extraterrestrials

"A Field Guide to Aliens" is the first truly comprehensive guide to Earth's extraterrestrial visitors and includes profiles of more than twenty-five previously undocumented aliens. With this essential field guide, you'll: learn about each alien's origin, diet and distinguishing features; check out their cool tech gadgets (from lasersaws to slime grenades); get the most up-to-date information on alien sightings; see the undeniable evidence of aliens on our planet (from a giant club found in the countryside to an oddly familiar helmet and mask left in a living room; and, find out how you can become an alienologist, too. Have you ever noticed strange words spelled out in the night sky? Do you know which alien can't be alone? Are you sure that a Knutt has never played a prank on you? Find out all of that and more in this delightfully eerie collection of extraterrestrial lore.

Even though aliens aren't really my thing and I'm not exactly the target age for this book I adored it! The design is very clever and set up like an actual field guide. Each page is laid out on graph paper and features a different alien. Each alien has a chart of information that includes it's name, origin, diet, distinguishing features, sitings on earth and technology. There is also a detailed colored illustration and a variety of sketches and photos "taped" onto the pages. The illusion of bent corners, coffee stains, smudges and tears add to the charm. And it's all done with a sense of humor. Children will enjoy the silliness and parents will appreciate fun references (Alien Disco aka Boogie-dood is from the planet Funk located in a disc-shaped galaxy called Studio 55).

While this was my first Johan Olander book it definitely won't be my last. This is a followup to A Field Guide to Monsters and An Eyeball in my Garden is coming in August. I'll be looking for both of them!

I was also lucky enough to receive amazing archival prints that I mentioned here.

Thank you to the author for a review copy of this book.

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish Children's Books
Release date: 4/1/10
Pages: 61
Price/format: $15.99/hardcover
Type: children


  1. I bet my son would have loved this when he was younger!

  2. My daughter loves fake field guides like this. I'll have to mention it to her.

  3. Looks like a fun gift for a kid. Thanks for the recommendation :)

  4. Looks like a really cute book and the prints are fantastic too!

  5. This looks really sweet. I think my nephew would quite enjoy it. :)


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