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Monday, July 22, 2013

Close Ups #6 - answer

Sorry for the delay. We had a busy weekend and the days got away from me!

Did you guess what this was?

Answer: My hammock!! The Princess and Monkey Boy are sharing a snack in my precious hammock. I don't let just anybody relax here! (Although no one ever asks either)

Thanks for the suggestion stacybuckeye!
"You know I'm hoping one of these is your hammock ;) "

A point goes to:
bermudaonion, Kaye, Allison and stacybuckeye


  1. I bet everyone else knows not to even bother asking!

    1. They don't ask - they just use it! I really don't mind. Most of the time...

  2. I can see the grandkids are going to be fighting you for "hammock time." Lol, enjoy it and them!

    1. Thanks, MH! I enjoy both every chance I get! My favorite hammock time is snuggling with the kiddos and reading them stories. :)


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