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Monday, August 12, 2013

Close Ups answer - #8

Did you guess what this was?

Answer: Batman logo (on Monkey Boy's pajamas)
This was always a big deal at our house when my boys were little. My middle son, who just turned 23, adored Batman! For years he played with the toys and dressed like his favorite superhero. My kids seemed to have the most fun when they let their imaginations run wild - black cowboy boots, grandpa's snowmobile gloves and a homemade cape were good enough to help them fight crime! Happy bday middle son!

A point goes to:
Cindy Smith & Kaye


  1. My son loved all those characters too and, oh, how he loved to dress up! I love the photo!

  2. Adorable. Gage has a Batman shirt even though he doesn't really know who that is!


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