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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Review: Coraline by Neil Gaiman

The day after they moved in,

Coraline went exploring...

In their new flat, there are twenty-one windows and fourteen doors. Only thirteen of these doors open. The last door has always been locked until the day that Coraline's mother unlocks it with a very old key. She shows her daughter that it's a door to nowhere, the doorway had been bricked up. But the day that Coraline unlocks it herself she finds a hallway that leads to another flat exactly like her own except it's more interesting. The walls are brighter colors, the toys move and seem to come to life and the food tastes better. There is even another mother and another father. They seem very nice and say they love her but they are very odd. They have buttons sewn on for eyes and very long fingernails. And now they want to keep her and change her. The other mother wants to sew buttons on her eyes too.

As Coraline realizes that she must escape this world and return to her own she begins to hear the voices of children who are also trapped there, lost souls behind a mirror. She knows she can't leave them and she must fight for them as well as herself. She will need all of her wits, some special tools and some help from a black cat to save all of them. Her plain, ordinary life never looked so good.

I've heard about this young adult book for a long time but it took me forever to get around to reading it. I always wonder if a book will live up to the hype when it becomes so popular. I did enjoy it and thought it was very clever. I always admire when someone, especially a child, is brave in the face of adversity or fear. And when they put the welfare of others before themselves it always makes them a hero in my eyes. I don't think it will be my favorite Gaiman book though. I just got The Graveyard Book from the library and it captured my attention immediately. I look forward to reading many more pieces of his work. I have a lot of catching up to do!

Neil Gaiman's website.

Publisher: Harper Collins
Release date: 7/2/2002
Pages: 176
Price/format: $15.99/hardcover, $6.99/paperback
Type: fantasy
Ages: 8 and up


  1. I enjoyed this book, too, and want to read more Neil Gaiman after reading it. You need to go see the movie version - I think you'll enjoy it too.

  2. I am slowly but surely becoming obsessed with reading this book and seeing the movie. I can't wait. Great review!

  3. I think this is one I would like to see the movie. Anyway, I have just awarded you the I love your blog Award~ stop by and pick up the logo and "the rules". You know there are always those pesky "rules".

  4. My daughter and I liked this one, too. I'm looking forward to reading another Gaiman book at some point.

    Diary of an Eccentric


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