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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So, I was just wondering... - Google Friend Connect

I heard recently that Google was making some changes to Google Friend Connect. If I understand it correctly it is no longer available for non Blogger accounts. Now what? I really need to do some research because I keep seeing different ways to connect with followers and don't know what to use.  Should I have more than one? Here's a few that I've found while wandering through the blogosphere.


So, I was just wondering what are you using and how did you decide? Do you still have GFC?


  1. I still have GFC while I'm still on Blogger.

    I set up a Feedburner and have that up. Whenever I got my self hosted blog up, I will just change the url that feeds Feedburner, and people following that will keep with it.

    Twitter is good. I use it was twitterfeed. Whenever I update my blog, twitterfeed posts a link to my twitter.

    I have Google+, but I forget to post blog links to the blog's page, and blogger's auto post wants to post it on my page, not the blog one.

  2. It's hard to decide since there are SO many options! I try to keep a few at hand. AS I'm on Blogger, GFC is still a mainstay, but I also use Twitter, Google+ (though less seldom), Pinterest (newbie though!), Facebook, GoodReads, and BookBlogs.Ning. Whew! Can we say "social media happy"? ^_^

  3. I plan to keep GFC (we can do that, right?) but don't know if I should have something more. I belong to Goodreads, LibraryThing, BookBlogs.Ning, Shelfari, Barnes & Noble, Facebook...I'm sure I'm forgetting something! Goodreads is my usual stomping ground and the one I frequent the most. I'm not really interested in Twitter and I love Pinterest but don't have a page, I'm just a lurker. Just yesterday I discovered several more sites I had never heard of before!

  4. Networked blogs is great as I can access it right from FB and anything I post goes to Fb automatically. I don't do twitter.

    Just getting back to commenting today. Been a long haul it seems with this hand. Getting stitches out Tues. Have a happy Easter.

  5. I added Linky to my site but definitely not getting the followers I did with GFC. I have a Networked Blogs through FB but haven't really utilized it. I'm not sure of a good replacement.

  6. I've never used GFC so I can't help you. I have a Twitter account that I don't really utilize except that it does post my posts automatically, as does FB. I signed up at Good Reads but haven't done anything with it yet.


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