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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Review: The Lion and The Mouse by Jerry Pinkney

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This is a wordless adaptation of a famous Aesop's Fable by the award winning artist Jerry Pinkney. Although it's a children's book the amazing watercolor illustrations will be appreciated by everyone. I was entranced by the detail and the beauty of each painting. Every page is entirely covered with artwork that represent this story of an unlikely pair who share acts of kindness.

I loved this book and will be sharing it with the little (and not so little) members of my family. I haven't had my own paintbrushes out in a long time but this has inspired me to dust them off and get back to work. I've included a few pages below so you can taste a morsel of this delicous and decadent dessert!

Although Jerry Pinkney suffered from undiagnosed Dyslexia he coped very well, graduating with honors and receiving a complete scholarship to Philadelphia Museum College of Art. His artwork allowed him to focus and bolstered his self-esteem from an early age. He is an award winning artist and had illustrated more than 75 books over 40 years. Since first winning a Gold Medal from The Art Director's Club in Boston in 1964, through The Coretta Scott King Honor Award from the American Library Association in 2009, he has won approximately 103 national awards.

"My dyslexia always made me envious of people as they talked about a book being a great read, while it was difficult for me just to finish a novel. I decided to look for projects that put a fine point on the importance of staying focused. If the goal was to illustrate the book, then visually interpreting the author’s words was my carrot. Though I read slowly, I can hold on to great amounts of detail and this made me quite suitable for illustrating full novels, like James Michener’s The Covenant, a whopping 1000 pages!"

"For the young person who is struggling in school, never forget there are many different ways to learn. Be curious. Do not be afraid to try. Do not be disappointed when making mistakes. You will discover your own unique way of understanding the things being taught. Learn from mistakes. Everything that happens to you will frame who you are, and who you will become. Your path to success will follow." - Jerry Pinkster from website

Thank you to Hatchette Books for a copy to review!
author's website
publisher's website

Publisher: Little Brown
Release date: 9/1/09
Pages: 40
Price/format: $16.99/hardcover
Type: Juvenile fiction, picture book


  1. Wow, what gorgeous illustrations. Hey BC, I've sent you two e mails that came back as undeliverable. Have you changed your isp?


  2. I just love the illustrations!

  3. Had to chime in, the illustrations are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. We just borrowed this from the library. You're right - it's absolutely beautiful. And it's nice to have the child tell the story from the pictures. They often see things we miss!


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