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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So, I was just wondering....

Last week I asked how you classified your blogs and there were lots of great answers again. If you didn't read them go check them out (go ahead, I'll wait!), you'll learn some interesting things about our fellow bloggers. This is so much fun hearing from all of you!

This time, I have something to show you. I had a big box full of goodies waiting on my porch last week. Well, you all know how exciting that can be! Yay, books! But when I got a little closer I saw that it wasn't in the best condition.


It was just sitting there, no note, no invoice and barely held together. I didn't even have to open it to get the books out! Fortunately they were all there (I think) and in pretty good shape with only a few dings and bends on some covers. It certainly didn't make them any less readable.

I've had a few strange packages over the years, torn envelopes, empty envelopes and damaged boxes. I even got a letter once that had my name, town and U.S.A. There wasn't a street, state or zip code but it still got to me. I wonder how long that one took? Overall, we get pretty good service here from our mail woman, UPS man, FedEx man, etc. It's a small town and everyone knows everyone. I will be asking my UPS man about that box though the next time I see him. How about you? Have you ever received strange packages in your mail?


  1. Wow, that is a big box of books! When we lived in Auburn, we used to get mail for someone who had the same house number as us, but their name & their street were totally different, and they didn't live in our neighborhood. I always thought that was strange.

  2. It's a wonder the books were all still in the box. Who handled that mail? The 800 lb. gorilla. Sheesh, looks like they dropped it from a mountain. Enjoy all the goodies in there.

    This isn't really strange, but I sent one of my daughters an Easter card and she received it in October. Hello??? where was it all those months?

  3. No nothing strange for me. But I'm quite stunned that that box was delivered in that condition with no explanation..... And yes that's a honkin big box of books!

  4. That box arrived barely in one piece. I'm glad all of your books were still in side and in pretty good shape. I would definitely ask UPS man person about it! I s'pose it's possible the box was weak to begin with and if the books weren't securely packed, all the moving around during shipping took its toll on the box. Hmmmm...

    Anyway, I haven't had any wierd experiences with mail lately, except for some delays because of the delivery person (grrr....) lol
    but when I was younger my grandmother would send my twin sister and I cards for our birthday, for the holidays etc. Do you know that even though she put them in the mail at the exact same time, we often got them on different days? I even got mine 3 months late one time!

    I also received a package from a friend across the country. It arrived in a box too large (and it was packed by her in a large envelope. In the box I found all of the items and a large torn packing envelope with a big sticker on it that said "Damaged in transit" and a note, an actual note of apology from the post office! lol Fortunately none of the items my friend sent were damaged!

    The letter you received without half the address is pretty interesting!
    Great question!
    ~ Amy

  5. I recently was sent an envelope that was supposed to contain an ARC. The envelope was opened and empty, but no note from the post Office. the author was kind anough to send me another copy and sealed it much better.

  6. For years, after we bought our house, we received mail for the former owner in a brown plain envelope. I finally opened one, (it said something like "or current resident" on it, so I figured I wasn't breaking any laws)

    And...well...oh my. Apparently the former owner had, er, interesting tastes in "toys". And we're not talking toy trains, planes or motorcycles. Let's just say the bulk of the catalog included lots of black leather, and assorted objects that were "batteries not included", and underwear that was more like "under-where?"

    Alrighty then....(*yikes)

  7. I just received a poetry book in the mail that was enclosed in a plastic freezer bag, taped up, surrounded by cardboard from a box and covered with paper bag as the package wrapping. Mind you this was all well taped up...took me at least 15 minutes to unwrap it.

  8. We got a disastrous bit of mail, this week. My husband bought a $100 sandwich maker from Williams-Sonoma and the handle promptly broke. He emailed and then called the place to ask if he could get a replacement handle. They said it was still under warranty, so they'd send a label to ship it back. This week we got a package that should have contained the new sandwich press. It was the right size but inside the box, wrapped in tons of paper was . . . a handle. Just a handle. For a sandwich press that we no longer have. Yikes! Hubby is going to deal with it when he gets back from a business trip. He is not happy.

  9. I can't believe how torn apart that looks - almost like someone had slashed it with a box cutter. I'm glad the books were safe though.

    I've never received a box that damaged.


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