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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So, I was just wondering....

It's that time again! I really enjoy hearing what everyone has to say each week. The last question I asked was about how you decided to start blogging and there were so many interesting responses.

My question today is, how would you classify your blog? Is it about something specific or is it more general? For some people that's very easy to do because they have very specific goals while others like myself tend to combine things and wander a bit. I enjoy it all! Although I started my blog because of my love of reading and my interest in reviewing books I also include bits and pieces of my life. It''s all a part of me so that's what ends up here. While I don't care to reveal my deepest and darkest secrets (yet - heh, heh!) I have shared some personal moments and occassional photos. I wrote a few posts about my cousin's two year struggle with brain tumors and then in June came the horrible news that she wasn't going to make it. I can't even express how much your support and sympathy meant to me while we waited on the other side of the country for that dreaded phone call to let us know that she was gone. I had no interest in blogging for a week or so but your comments meant the world to me and I thank you again for that.

But the main focus here is on books and everything to do with books. Who knew there was so much to write about? Reviews, interviews, contests, new releases, updates, memes, purchased books, library books... whew! And of course I have to mention my hammock as much as possible since that is one of my favorite places to read.

So go ahead and share your story and feel free to mention your blog so we know where to find you. It's nice to be able to match your comments with your blogs. And one of these times I'm going to open this up for you all to give me suggestions for topics in the future so put on those thinking caps!


  1. When I started my blog I didn't know the direction it would take, but I did know it would include books since I love to read. It seems like the books have taken over for the most part!

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  3. I started my blog when I discovered that ARC's of new books existed, (thanks Library Thing Early Reviewers). I had been writing some reviews occasionally on Amazon and had taken to writing reviews on every book I read for a myspace page that my daughter had set up for me. (She was 12 and wanted a myspace, I said yes, but only if I knew the password. My lil over-achiever then decided that I should have one too!)

    While reading the ER message board, I kept seeing people talk about their blogs, and I'm thinking..."What is this? Hmmm..." So I started up the blog and its been such fun!

    Mine intent was about 90% books, 10% other, and I think I'm close to that, for now, I'm content...but that's always subject to change!!

    (I deleted the first one...apparently I can stutter whilst writing, because I'd repeated an entire sentence...argghh...not enough coffee yet!)

  4. Geez---I mean I deleted my first comment...I can't even get my re-do right...okay..I'm outta here...its coffee and shower time for me! Maybe it'll wake me up!

  5. Book Reviews by Jess

    I started my initial blog as a place for me to vent. So, it was personal to begin with. Then I revised that approach and started reviewing the books I was reading. Then it morphed into what it is now. A home for me to go to and share my thoughts on books I've read, books that reviews were requested, contests, upcoming releases and a few memes.

    I'm proud of what it's become. It's not a huge attention getter but I have my followers. :)

    I do fall into ruts with reading and blogging but I always come back.

    I enjoy blogging. And reading. And apparently writing reviews! :)

  6. I like these questions you're doing.

    The main intent of my blog has always been to keep track of what I've read. But I like to sidetrack into travel and weird song parodies. ;-)

  7. When I started in Jan 00 I knew it would be about books and I wasn't sure how much personal stuff I'd put on there. I do enjoy taking a peek into the lives of other bloggers so I did start including pictures and stories from trips that we take. And I've added some movie reviews. But I don't feel that I've strayed too far from my initial plan of writing about books.

  8. I called my blog This That and the Other Thing,
    because I really didn't have a focus when I started writing. I knew I liked to share link, I knew I wanted to spout off about some stuff, but I didn't have a focus. Then, to encourage people to mooch my books on bookmooch, I started writing about them. It worked. Then I discovered First Wildcard and got hooked on books in exchange for reviews, and started seriously reading book blogs. Now my blog is mostly books, though I get a few family photos in there or spout off about my beliefs sometimes too.

  9. This is a great feature!
    I started my blog as a way to remember all the books I read. I thought I would post more about music but idea phased out...

  10. I called my blog The 3 R's: Reading, 'Riting, and Randomness because I figured that's what would end up there. Like a few others who have already commented, I started it as a place to keep track of and remember details about books I read. But I don't just read books, so other things also inspired my 'riting. I'm not sure I'd be a good specialist. Someone recently called me a "hybrid blogger" because I don't fit into just one niche, and I like that.


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