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Friday, January 22, 2010

Changes made at Borders and Waldenbooks

Woo hoo! They heard us and they're changing their ways! Kate wrote an update at The Neverending Shelf that the unsold books will be saved from the dumpsters. Go read the whole post for all the details.

Quote from her blog:
Thousands of books, CDs, DVDs and gift items will be donated—rather than being disposed of—to organizations within the Gifts In Kind national network of charities

January 21, 2010, Washington, D.C.— Gifts In Kind International (, a leading charitable organization in the product giving field, is pleased to announce a new agreement with Borders Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries (NYSE: BGP). Borders selected Gifts In Kind to help the company donate—rather than dispose of—items that have not sold in its Borders and Waldenbooks stores nationwide and cannot be returned by the retailer to its suppliers.


  1. Finally some common sense prevails.

  2. That is definitely some good news. Thanks, Debbie, I needed to hear something good today. :-)

  3. Great news, but it's still hard to understand why all those books were destroyed to begin with.

  4. This is just awesome! Thanks for sharing the news.


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