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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So, I was wondering…

woman wondering

Have you ever sent an embarrassing email or text? Fortunately, I haven’t done anything too bad but I was reminded of how easily it can happen last month when I was Christmas shopping for me kids. My youngest son wanted to order a sweatshirt online and it had to be done that day by 5:00 to arrive in time for the 25th. I still needed some things for my other two boys so I was sending them text messages to find out if they would like one too. I was trying to hurry and accidentally sent it to the person’s name next to my son’s in my phone’s address book. A message came back asking what I was talking about. I wrote back and explained what I had done and asked how she had been since I hadn’t talked to her in some time. She wrote back and said she still didn’t know what I was talking about and who was I? That seemed kind of strange since she is a distant relative, after all. It took a few more back and forths before I realized that the person who use to have that number had changed it since the last time we chatted. This was a different person! Fortunately I knew who she was so she believed me. After all that, the stupid order from the company never did come in time even though we made the deadline!

That incident wasn’t really embarrassing so I didn’t worry about it. I did accidentally forward an email from a friend many years ago describing her recent visit to the gynecologist. I meant to forward a joke that was next to it in my Inbox and I sent it out to several people. (I really need to be more careful about clicking on the right one) Lucky for me this friend has a great sense of humor and there wasn’t anything too embarrassing in that note. I don’t forward many jokes anymore and she is probably grateful for that. So are the people who received it. My brothers were traumatized by all of that girly stuff.

So, I was wondering what embarrassing story can you share? How have you been traumatized by your own gaffes with modern technology? Go ahead and share. Don’t worry, we won’t tell. I  probably couldn’t forward it anyway. I’d send the one that was next to it!


  1. I have sent a text and an IM to the wrong person, but fortunately it was nothing embarrassing.

  2. I can only recal one time that I sent a text to the wrong person. In my defense I was sick! Fever, the runs, all that. So I blame it on me being dilusional...yeah that's it! And it wasn't anything embarassing, just asking my husband to pick something up and it ended up going to my mom.

  3. My husband and I met while working together 9 years ago. He sent an email that said "I love you" to the controller of the company, thinking he sent it to me. Oops! :) She laughed about it, but he was embarrassed.

  4. Oh! I sent something a year or so ago to a colleague when it was actually meant for a friend! I hate when that happens.

  5. I've sent one meant for my husband to my daughter - not anything really spicy thank goodness....

  6. I'm sure I have something, but nothing is coming to mind. If I come up with something I'l;l be back.
    At least you found out your relative's number was wrong ;) The gyno forwarded story is pretty funny. I'm always so careful when I forward sensitive stuff on (usually to my mother), always afraid I'll send it on to the wrong person.

  7. I can top that, Debbie! I learned my lesson...and boy do I check who I reply to! ..and what I say! I was bad mouthing someone and meant to forward to a friend who also dislikes the person and had warned me from the beginning not to get involved with her, and instead, I sent it to the person!!!! Oh, first of all, I figured I was rightfully being punished for talking mean about someone like that and secondly, you should have seen how I tap danced my way out of that..basically by apologizing and admitting what a bad and wrong thing it was to do..the "association" with that person continued for a while as she accepted my apology as one of those things that happened but eventually tapered off so we no longer are in contact. WHAT A JERK I WAS! I will never write something like that again and I always check who I am sending or replying to! YIKES!

  8. It's not really embarrassing but I accidentally ruined a surprise party by texting my friend's girlfriend instead of her. I had them both listed under my friend's name in my address book.

  9. Oh no! ROFL about the gyno appt. email! I love that your brothers were traumatized by it. LOL

    I don't think I've sent any embarrassing emails yet. And we're still stuck in the dark ages at our house since hubby refuses to get a texting plan for our cell phones.


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