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Friday, January 18, 2013

Home libraries

In today's issue of Shelf Awareness (1/18/13) there was a link to some amazing photos of Beautifully Organized: Home Libraries in apartment therapy (1/14/13). Of course there are some gorgeous designs that make me drool and here's just a few of them. These rooms aren't exactly my decorating style (or in my budget!) but I love the ideas. Do any of them appeal to you?


  1. Very cool. I love 2 and 3. Not crazy about the location of #1 and the kids room is great, but think shelves all around the room from floor to under window height would be better for kids.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Very nice. I am loving the 2nd and 3rd one as well. I wish i had the walls like the last picture but I don't we have a slanted roof. I am sure Michael would love that in his room. One day we can dream of having rooms like that

  3. They all appeal to me! Well, may not the nursery - I'm past that phase of my life.

  4. I like them all too! The one in the nursery is so adorable.

  5. I too saw these home libraries in that issue! I LOVE the nursery wall of books! I would love to do this in my son's room.

    I have off work tomorrow. Maybe I can whip this up?!? I'll have to try.

    I have another project I have been working on since before Christmas: custom wall-mounted bookshelves for my foyer. The plan is to make the incredibly small space a resource. The shelves are slowly being stained a dark mahogany color and will have crown molding and scrollwork molding to make it look like a prestigious library. I plan to take lots of before and after pictures. I'm just hoping I can get it completed sometime soon. :)

  6. I will take any and all of them, please :)


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