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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Review: The Family Bones by Kimberly Raiser

A New Home,

A Loving Family,

A Dark Secret...

A family recently inherited family property in a small town in Pennsylvania. Steven's grandparents had owned the land and lived in the main house but had passed away. He hadn't been there for many, many years and didn't have the best memories from his visits there. Childhood tales of ghosts haunting the property and seeking revenge all came back to him when he took his family there for a visit. The Weavers had been so excited to know that they would be leaving the city to live in the country where they would have plenty of space to play. But will they be able to live there? As they begin to explore they discover secret passageways and hidden rooms. The truth begins to unfold and long buried secrets begin to surface. But some secrets must be kept at any costs, including the lives of anyone involved.

This is a fairly short Sci-Fi Thriller at 182 pages. I enjoyed the intrigue and the mystery behind this story. The secrets were revealed a little at a time and of course that left me wanting more. But other elements, such as the storyline, sometimes changed too quickly for me and were confusing. When there was an abrupt change, especially in the direction of the story or setting, I would lose track of what was going on. The characters evolved quickly. Although I would have liked just a bit more explanation the story did mandate quick changes. I did enjoy the Weaver family, especially the children, 8 year old Charlie and his younger sister Sara. They were sweet and loving but they were also strong and determined to be helpful in the face of adversity. There were other interesting characters as well. Although they didn't pay as big a role as the Weaver family it would have been interesting to know a bit more background and development for them. There is no graphic violence in this story and it would be suitable for young adults. I will be interested to read what comes next from this author.

Thank you to Kimberly Raiser for sending me an advanced copy of this book.

Think the eyes are creepy?
This is the
2nd Edition Cover


  1. I like the second edition cover much better - the first one creeps me out.

  2. The whole cover is creepy! It looks like a cross between a cat and a little girl.

  3. Definitely the second edition cover, that really adds the mystery there. oooh, gives me chills. Great review Wrighty!

  4. Love that second cover better. :) Scary!

  5. sounds like a good read, not to curl up with in the dark!

  6. I like spooky stories, so this one sounds interesting. I sort of like the creepy cover with the eyes.

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