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Monday, February 9, 2009

Review: Multiple Bles8ings by Jon & Kate Gosselin and Beth Carson

Surviving to Thriving

Twins and Sextuplets.

I picked this up from the library as soon as I heard the family had written a book. I enjoy watching the Gosselins on Jon and Kate Plus Eight on TLC. Their twins are 8 and the sextuplets are 4. A camera crew started following the family in a few, one hour specials when the babies were less then a year old. The specials worked out so well that they now have a half-hour show on every week. There are no scripts and they film and show their good and bad moments. It even feels a bit uncomfortable at times when the kids are having tantrums or the parents are bickering. But they are average moments that are magnified in an unaverage family. I can't imagine having a film crew at my house when our "small" family of 5 is arguing! Not a chance! The Gosselins always make up and they obviously share an intense love for God and their entire family. Jon and Kate have said that they had always been curious about others themselves and now they want people to know what living with multiples is like. They do protect some private parts of their life but they are honest about what they share.

The story told in the book describes how Jon and Kate were unable to conceive children on their own so they began fertility treatments. They were eventually blessed with twin daughters and later hoped to add one more to finish their family
. After settling into their first house in central Pennsylvania they started treatments again. When they found out that Kate was pregnant they were overjoyed but they became overwhelmed at their first ultrasound appointment. As the doctor continued to count babies Kate began to sob and Jon fell to his knees. That day seven babies were counted. The more babies there are the greater the risk is to them and to the mother. It is a life threatening condition. They relied on their strong faith and the excellent doctors at Hershey Medical Center to guide them on their amazing journey.

Kate tells the story from her viewpoint and includes her thoughts and feelings during this stressful time. She emphasizes that not everyone agrees with their choices or their techniques but their first priority as parents is their children. She makes no apologies for how they handles things such as her intolerance for germs and dirt being brought into their home with fragile infants. She is also a very organized mother and with all of the children and all of the helpers they rely heavily on the structure. Jon and Kate also stress that they are very grateful for all of the help they have received since the births of the sextuplets and that they couldn't have done it on their own. They never looked for handouts but they knew that they could not always provide what was the best for their children so when help was offered they accepted it. Shifts of volunteers helped around the clock when the babies first came home from the hospital. Times were especially tough when Jon lost his job and they were living off their savings. Things have improved dramatically for them now and they give back to others, including charity for children's cancer research. Beautiful and humorous family photos are included throughout the book,
from their wedding day up to current time .

Whether you've heard of the Gosselins or not this is a touching story about one couple's hopes and dreams and what they did to accomplish them. And then what they did to survive them. I enjoyed reading more of their background and some behind the scenes information. I was impressed with their strength, their honesty and their faith. I was also impressed with the medical technology and the kind hearts of the people that belong to those brains.


  1. I can't even imagine having that many children to care for. Just think of all the laundry and cooking
    involved. When do they have time to play with the children or read to them? Do the kids ever get one on one attention? In a family that size, I think it would be easy for one of them at least to be "lost" in the mix.

  2. I have watched the show periodically and am always amazed at how "real" they are. I recently saw the book in the store and wondered if it would be a worthwhile read. You have convinced me that the answer is YES.

  3. I read and review this book too. I am in aw of Kate. I think I would loose my mind with that many kids underfoot. I know there was a couple of episodes where Kate and Jon had one on one with the kids making a special day for them. You would have to do that.

  4. Please-- these folks are on a cash cow trip-- same as the Suleman Octomom.


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