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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to school commercial - love it!

Does anyone remember the Staples commercial for going back to school? The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is playing in the background while the father dances up and down the aisles with the shopping cart. The two children trudge along with such sad faces. That commercial is back and I love it! If you haven't seen it or would just like to enjoy it again, here's the link. Enjoy!

Staples commercial


  1. I love that commercial...well now that I'm out of school I do. :)

  2. It's so funny, LOL! I'm sad, though, because that means school's going back....waaaah!

  3. Thanks for the giggles. I can remember feeling like that when the kids went back to school. No more, "I'm borrrred". My best friend used to call me the first day of school and sing "Freedom, Freedom"

    ah, the memories. . . .

  4. Oh my gosh! I miss that commercial! Cracked me up!!


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