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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mailbox Monday

This weekly meme comes from Marcia at The Printed Page. It's always fun to see what everyone got last week and then to add to the towering TBR pile afterward. Join in and add a link to all the great books you received.

by Anita Shreve

At an exclusive New England boarding school, a single impulsive action creates a sex scandal that unleashes a storm of shame and recrimination.

This came from Hatchette Books for an upcoming book tour.

From the library

Jessica's Guide To Dating On The Dark Side
by Beth Fantaskey

When a new exchange student arrives at Jessica's high school he claims she is a Romanian vampire princess and he is her long-lost fiance. When she tries to imagine the transition from American teenager to European princess, and has to fight off another girl who is after her "man", she wonders why she couldn't fall for a nice mortal boy.

Generation Dead
by Daniel Waters

All over the country there are some teenagers who die but aren't staying dead. They come back to life but aren't the same. Termed "living impaired" and "differently biotic" they are just trying to blend into society again. But they aren't welcome or accepted and Phoebe if as surprised as all of her friends when she falls for Tommy, the leader of the dead kids.

From the library's used book sale

Say No To Joe?
by Lori Foster

With his smoldering good looks, macho style and irrepressible charm, Joe can have any woman - except the one he really wants. Luna secretly lusts after Joe but she's made it clear she's too smart to fall for him. When she inherits two kids who need more than just her, who need someone like Joe, will they all become an instant family?

On Writing
A Memoir Of The Craft
by Stephen King

In 1999, King began to write about his craft and his life but a terrible accident jeopardized both. After months of recovery he completed his accounts of a lifetime of writing. From his childhood memories, through college and the early years of struggle before the success of his first novel Carrie, he shares a fresh and funny perspective of the formation of a writer. He also shares the tools of his trade and how to sharpen them, and the crucial aspects of the art and life of a writer.


  1. Yikes! Generation Dead looks rather creepy.

  2. All these books look great. I can't wait to read Testimony and Jessica's Guide. I look forward to your reviews.

  3. I hope you enjoy GD. It's really good.

  4. I'll be curious to see what you think of Testimony. I read and reviewed it last year (and didn't like it, but I was very much in the minority).

  5. I read Testimony last year and liked it. Tough subject but so well written!

  6. Well, those are certainly different! Enjoy your reading this week!

  7. I received Generation Dead last week, too. Not sure how long it's going to be before I get a chance to read it, though!

  8. Nice mailbox. Nothing like a good book sale!! I got Testimony also.

  9. Ha! I knew that Generation Dead would be a favorite for you Kaye! :D Not! It's not as bad as I made it sound. If I had put more in the description I would have added more about the humor. It's not suppose to be like a Frankenstein type book. At least I hope not. I'll let you know what I find out. :)

  10. Those are some good books you got. When is the tour for testimony? I read it earlier this year.

  11. Oh Generation Dead and Dating on the Dark Side look wonderful!! Enjoy your new books :0

  12. I loved On Writing.

  13. Lots of books. Lot of good reading.

  14. Great haul! I've been wanting to read Generation Dead for awhile so I'll be interested to see what you think.

  15. I have Testimony and can't wait to read it. Enjoy your new books. My mailbox is here.

    Diary of an Eccentric


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