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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So, I was just wondering....

It was so fun to chat with everyone recently and find out more about you all. I brought up the issue of the time I spend online and how it's not always easy to manage my time and my routines.

So how about another topic? I know this gets discussed different places from time to time but I would love to know how people decide on their blog names and their user names. Mine came from my last name so I wasn't very creative with that one but it is a fun name to work with. My kids play sports and play well so they get their name in our small town newspaper often. The sport's editors have been pretty clever over the years with the headlines. "The Wright Moves" and "A Wrightous Win" were just a few of the favorites. My hubby had some good ones from high school too and don't think he ever lets us forget it! (I had some headlines myself but alas, I didn't have a very fun maiden name) The title of my blog was just a bit of playful alliteration. Again, nothing very creative but it works for me.

Tell me your stories people! I'd love to hear them. I might just have to make this a regular feature here too. I have so many questions for my fellow bloggers and I love to hear from you all!


  1. I was born in Bermuda, so my mom always called me her Bermuda onion (a nickname for the natives there). My son's the one who suggested it for my blog.

  2. My blog name is not that but here it goes:

    I toyed with a lot of different names for my blog.

    I wanted the blog name to signify its content, which I hoped would be writing, reading, and a bit of humor.

    Being a poet, I always loved verse and I love the word Savvy, so all that was left was Wit. It is really not that great of a story to tell. Kind of lame, right?!

  3. Mine's pretty simple- I just think books are magical! :)

  4. The name of my blog came into play simply because I wasn't sure if I would end up posting on it too much. Hence the name, My Life in Not So Many Words. However I have taken a liking to blogging.It was originally intended to keep friends and family updated and book interests on the side. Now it's the exact opposite of that. I'm extremely happy with how it has worked itself out though since reading and books is such a large part of my life. I do books 5-6 days a week and on Sunday it's about what I've done over the weekend. It works well.

  5. One of my cat's is named Socrates and I thought it sounded cute :)

  6. Ours is a beach town, hence the name seemed appropriate.

  7. Holly and I's is just kind of a mix. We toyed with a lot of names, but I wanted it to flow. I wanted it to be about books obviously but that didn't seem creative, and novel is not so fun but novella means short story and sounds pretty to my ear. And we're two girls but NovellaBellas was taken so we stuck with BellasNovella.
    Not a very fun story :)
    Our last name is no fun so we couldn't use it.

  8. When Cheryl got the idea to start our blog she told me to pick a name. (I'm sometimes good at titles when it comes to writing - both of us are writers by the way). So I sloshed a bunch of words in my head for a few minutes and said,

    Another Random Book Blog

    Cheryl came back about five seconds later and said she found something on the web with that name already. I said crap then put my thinking cap back on and said Ooo, I've got it! Just Your Typical Book Blog. She said yes, and shazaam! the blog was born.


  9. My nickname in real life is actually softdrink. When I first started dating my boyfriend (17 years ago), he was living with a bunch of friends who called him Hamburger. They decided I needed a nickname too. After several false starts (orange soda, root beer) they settled on Softdrink. And it stuck. That's what I used when I first joined a few online communities. But occasionally, the name would be taken (the nerve!). So I started using fizzybeverage as a backup (because soda pop was taken, too). And my blog went through a few names before I finally decided to match it up to my nickname.

  10. Well, I'm pretty sure you all know how I came up with the name for my blog LOL but JUST in goes ;) I'm pretty used to keeping things simply. For example: we have two cats...can you guess what we named them? Yes, Mr. Kitty and Mrs. Kitty!! :) If we had a dog it would most likely be called Mr. or Mrs. Dog. :D The creative juices were flowing that day LOL
    So...when I was thinking of all these wonderful names with hidden meanings and a blog name that played on words...I just decided to go with what usually works and I called my blog, what?...that’s right... Book Reviews By Bobbie. :)

    Boring but so very true! :)

    Thank you for sharing with us, Debbie!


  11. I love this stuff and not one single story is boring! It's all part of who you are and how you got to this point. Some of your stories I've heard before (bermudaonion is one I've heard more than once but I don't always remember the details. I'm sure Kathy explains that one a lot but it's so clever and very personal!) but I never tire of hearing about them again. Keep them coming!

  12. Well, I've been told a few times that I am a bit odd, but not in a bad way. LOL I thought "eccentric" sounded more sophisticated than plain odd. So Diary of an Eccentric was born. :)

    Diary of an Eccentric

  13. Wow Anna, I aspire to be eccentric! My b-i-l says I passed that point already.
    Anyway, blog names ~ had to have a penguin in there. I mean, really, I have been collecting them for 44 years. (That's another story) Besides being too cool,penguins are pudgy and since I like alliteration too I just added the perusals part and voila! a blog title.

    Fun topic, Debbie. Thanks for coming up with it.

  14. When I was trying to think up names for my blog, I wanted it to be something simple but still have a zing feeling to it. So, I decided on Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf, because it's more descriptive then just Lauren's Bookshelf and it gives you a picture as to how much I love to read. :)

  15. I love reading these!!

    My maiden name was Bean and I work with teens as a teen librarian (and also, funny enough in Greene County and our library is Springfield Greene) so people at work would call me Sarah Bean the Teen Queen and I'd jokingly add who works at Springfield Greene. No one could forget that, right?:) So when I needed a review name, I went with greenbeanteenqueen because it was fun.

  16. Honestly, I wish I would have made it smaller but when I ventured into blogging I didn't really know what the heck I was doing. Anyways, I started with my nickname, Lucy then I tried to decide what it would be about, my life of course! So, the long name is Lucy's Life in Suburb World.

  17. I wanted to come up with a name that was totally unique and had something to do with books . . . but I also knew my chatty nature was going to enter into the content of my blog, in addition to reviews. I thought something related to the fact that I'm a fool for books would be good and came up with the made-up word "Bookfoolery". Add the chatty bit and it became "Bookfoolery & Babble". It's weird, but I like it. :)

  18. Great question! I'm new so it's fun to find out a bit more about people.

    My name came from a favorite t-shirt I had as a kid. Back then "he followed me home, can I keep him" refered to a cute monster, now it's about the books I'm bringing home ;)

  19. This is a great question! I just came over here from Kittling Books. My blog name (Necromancy Never Pays) came from a game my family was playing and the insight I had into answering one of the questions. Said insight (name of blog) came from everything I'd read. What else do I know from what I've read, I wondered, and started a blog about it.

  20. My hubby doesn't ever seem to remember how much space he takes up being a tall guy and he is constantly bonking his head on things or tripping over stuff. So I teased him for always bumbling around. And Rudolph has The Bumble and since "Bumbles bounce" it became appropriate for someone who is clumsy but never gets hurt too seriously. So we have tons of Bumble stuff as a result, and when we got married I became Mrs. Bumble. Therefore, what better name for our blog - The Bumbles Blog?


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