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Monday, October 5, 2009

Contest winners!

It's time for more winners!

Gifts of an Ordinary Day
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Mama Hill
Laura Fabiani

Encounters of the Third Grade Kind

There were so many nice comments about your favorite teachers! I hope they know how much you care about them. I bet it would really make their day to hear such kind thoughts.

etirv said... Best high school memories were being taught by the nuns and hanging out with them!
Wanda said... My favourite school experience was my first week or two of school because everything was so new and exciting.
Mama Hill said... My favorite teacher was Mr. Hosack in my sophomore History class in Largo High School in Largo, Florida. He saw something in me that no one else did. He is the reason I graduated!
Laura Fabiani said... I had a grade 10 English teacher who encouraged my writing. And today I am an author!
Dina said... My first grade teacher was an amazing person - I still remember fondly everything about her!

GMR said... My favorite teacher memory....there are so many! First one that comes to mind is my 8th grade teacher...she was a nun and yet for all her "holy" ways, she would use any excuse to have a party!! End of! New topic in geography! At one, some kids brought in movies to watch and one was "My Father the Hero". If you've seen it you know there's some stuff a little questionable for the members of ourviewing party, but she LOVED it! Thought it was a blast!
renee said... My favorite teach was my gr.8 french teacher, she was awesome.
Alexa said... My favorite teacher was my world civ teacher from last year. He was so funny and liked the same things I liked.
Jenni said... Hm, my favorite teacher would have to be Mr Ferris in high school. He was an awesome english lit teachers and really brought a new interest to the students about reading and old literature. We had a BLAST in every class and, all these years later, I still remember so much that he taught us.
Susan said...My best experience was in high school acting in the school play. I loved everything about it.

Thank you everyone for your entries. More contests coming soon!


  1. WHOO HOO! I'm doing a happy dance I am SO excited I won! Yeah! I'm so lucky! Thank you thank you thank you!

  2. Wow, I just did a google search of Mr Hosack and came across this. Guess I missed out, huh? Bummer man!


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