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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Review: Billy Bones The Road to Nevermore by Christopher Lincoln

Will skeleton boy Billy Bones
be brave enough to face
the dangers of Nevermore?

Billy Bones and his cousin Millicent are ready to explore the world beyond the Biglum mansion. When Uncle Grim and Millicent are captured and taken to the hidden world of Nevermore, Billy begins an adventure bigger than even he could have asked for. As Billy searches for his loved ones, Millicent discovers that some secrets are too big for any Secrets Closet to hold-and may be too dark for any skeleton to overcome.

This sequel offers another spooky romp in the tradition of filmmaker Tim Burton, where friendships grow, betrayals linger, schemes entangle - and heroism appears in the most unexpected places.

Another book I'll be sharing with the nephews! I didn't read the prequel yet and I would have preferred to read them in order. While this story is easy to understand and there are plenty of references that help you catch up, I like to start at the beginning. It didn't distract me from enjoying this story though.

Billy is a human boy but he had once been turned into a skeleton by an evil skeleton uncle and was subjected to many otherwordly events. He was transformed back and saved from the Afterlife. Now he lives happily in a mansion with his cousin Millicent and her grandmother Mum Biglum. His skeleton parents also live there in a special closet where they are the Keepers of Secrets. When Gossip, an evil snoop, overhears and repeats important secrets, Billy is once again turned into a skeleton and is sent to Nevermore. Once I got all of that straight we were off and running into Billy's next adventure!

The characters were so interesting and quite humorous. There is plenty of action and while it may seem like a scary setting it's not a scary story. It's a very clever twist on a tale of a young boy fighting evil and trying to do the right thing. Occasional black and white illustrations within the chapters enhance the story. I hope there will be more adventures with Billy Bones.

Highly recommended, Book 2 in the series.

Thank you to Hatchette Books for a review copy of this book.

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Release date: 8/09
Pages: 208
Price/format: $10.99/hardcover
Type: Children's fiction
Age: 8-12


  1. This book sounds like great spooky fun! Tim Burton is fantastic, I just love his work! Go Billy Bones!

  2. This sounds perfect for this time of year!

  3. I just gave you the One Lovely Blog Award.


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