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Monday, April 6, 2009

America the bueteeful according to my son

While going through some of my boys' papers that I had been saving I found a special drawing that my youngest son did somewhere around second or third grade (no date on it). His school had just had a Memorial Day celebration and one of the traditions that they have is to gather around the flag pole in front of the school and sing patriotic songs. I wish my scanner was working because he drew a great picture of that event that I would love to post here. He also included the Pledge of Allegiance. That part I can share with you. His teacher was kind enough to leave all of the original spelling intact. That's my favorite part.

What America Meas To Me
by S. W.

I a pag of lejins
to the flag of the
unidin stas of Ameriea
and to the repblic
for wich it stans
one nashn onder god
Indafisabl and livde
for all!


  1. That is FANTASTIC. Thank you for sharing.

  2. That's great! Got me laughing!

  3. His phonics teacher should be proud!! That's such a great age, I miss my kids being that age, and apparently none of them are ever going to reproduce and supply me with a grandmunchkin....

  4. I miss the younger years too but I'm content not to do them again. They are 16, 18 and 20 now. This age is great too just like every age has been but they have grown up too fast. I dearly miss the little boys but I adore my young men. They have so much ahead! I just hope they can follow their dreams close to home. I would miss them too much if they move far away.

  5. Give him a copy of that when he gets married or when you move! I saved a whole bunch of stuff too and gave the kids copies when we moved. Some of them were priceless and the kids got such a kick out of it. My older daughter had written a note to the toothfairy asking for a raise. She drew boxes to check for yes or no. We laughed so much!

  6. does he know you are posting too cute! I hope he's not too embarassed

  7. Awww, how sweet! :-) I hope you can post the picture sometime too!
    Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

    It’s Bobbie from Book Reviews By Bobbie.
    I am delighted to pass on the Premio Dardos Award, to you! Please stop by my blog to see the award and find out all the particulars.
    Your blog is marvellous!

  8. Yes, he knows I posted it. He just rolled his eyes. I also have a list hanging in my kitchen that he wrote. It's 25 things that describe his mom. It was my Mother's Day gift one year. I love it. He must have had a hard time thinking of 25 because he had things like "nice glasses" and "nice hihlits" (hair), but he also had "nice", "young", "buttful" (he really did mean beautiful) and "asaum mom!". What a sweetie pie!

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